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 Welcome to Bach Khoa Dormitory (BKD) of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) – VietNam National University Ho Chi Minh City.


BKD is located at 497 Hoa Hao st, 7 Ward, 10 District, Ho Chi Minh City. It is about 1.5 km away from the main branch of HCMUT, 5 km away from Tan Son Nhat international airport, 3km away from main train station and only 5 km away from the city center. There are also a lot of busses in this area, so commuting and travelling are convenient with many different choices of transportation. In addition, BKD is also near big shopping center and supper market such as CoopMart, Hung Vuong Plaza, Thuan Kieu Plaza and so on… Therefore, BKD is a very ideal place for students and professors to study, research, work….., as well as to discover Ho Chi Minh City and other nearby rural areas. 


BKD was established in 1978. After a long time, it had been worn out. In 2004, BKD has been rebuilt to be used as new in 2008. The new BKD has 12 levels with underground parking lot sitting on 38,000 square meters in the corner of four big streets. All the rooms in BKD can get natural sunshine and wind. The dorm also has a small park in the middle of its U shape building with a lot trees. This building provides 6 elevators, 5 staircases, fire prevention system, automatic fire alarms, and emergency exits.

There are 400 rooms and 12 levels in this building which are divided accordingly:

·         Level 1:

This level has administration offices of BKD, library with about 100 seats, computer lab with more than 140 computers, cafeteria with 300 square meters, community room, infirmary, ATM and so on…

·         Level 2 to level 10:

There are 307 rooms (type A1) for Vietnamese students of HCMUT only. Each room is 43 square meters for 8 students.

·         Level 11:

This level has 20 rooms (type A2) with 43 square meters each room for foreign students only. Each room can fit 4 students.

Room feature includes private bathroom, clothes drying place, refrigerator, hot/cold water, 4 beds, 4 safe cases, 4 computer tables with bookcases, 4 iron chairs, shoe cabinet and a big table, Wifi internet, and a community room with cable television.

·         Level 12:

This level has 20 rooms (type A3) with 43 square meters each room for professors, experts and guesses of HCMUT only. Each room provides 2 beds, 2 wooden desks with chairs, wooden wardrobe, small table with chair, air conditioner with 2.5 HP, television with cable, refrigerator, hot/cold water, shoe cabinet, internet, telephone, clothes drying place, private bathroom, and community room.

 With a convenient location near the city center, modern design and well furnished rooms; BKD can be compared to some of the best dormitories in the South East Asia area. We hope that you all will have a wonderful time staying at our dorm.









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